12 Year Premium Balsamic Vinegar

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This 12-Year balsamic is a bit milder than our traditional 18-Year. It is the perfect thickness for anyone new to the world of balsamics. Mixes well with a variety of our oils to create the perfect vinaigrette.


About The Product

This is a 12-Year mild balsamic. Flavor: Refined/Crisp. Light and Smooth.

Customer Reviews


  1. Anonymous

    My favorite oil!! In our house we use it for everything from scrambled eggs to meat marinades. Mixed with the Fig Balsamic it makes a wonderful dressing or grilled vegetable marinade. Also makes a wonderful Garlic Bread.

  2. Mary

    All roasted vegetables at my house are tossed in Garlic Oil first. This is the one I reach for first to saute veggies as well. Bold garlic flavor makes it a nice finishing oil for steamed vegetables too. We have actually eliminated butter from our house using all of these great oils.

  3. Melanie Joy

    I received a sample size of this product at my brother’s fiance’s wedding shower. I just had to taste it while at the shower. I loved it SO MUCH that I literally waited for people to leave, to see who left their olive oil bottles behind! I love to cook and am passionate about what I ingredients I use. The flavor in this oil is simply perfect. Thank you to you and your family for making oils that actually ARE infused. Thank you Grandma!! I can’t wait to see what other products you have available.

  4. William

    This is the best commercial infused olive oil we have ever experienced. The garlic flavor is intense and wonderful on salads and blends perfectly as a base oil when used in cooking. A true winner!

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